Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

the cut-ups

My holiday weekend art-play: I took a layout in a magazine, cut it into strips, and glued it back together again.


This 14" x 18" canvas (I've been calling it Color Blocking) took me about an hour. I've spent much more time and deliberation making other cut-ups. It's a process I love, fast or slow.

Two of my favorites are Woven Blue Ribbon and Kate, the cut-up. The one I posted of Christina Aguilera on my Tumblr went viral.

And maybe my fave to date: I obsessively cut and glued a spread from W magazine of David and Victoria Beckham, creating a Becks & Posh Exquisite Corpse game. I treasure it.

it works for me

the shape of things