Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

that was fun

Before the weekend goodness begins, I'm thinking of my week that was. Here are a few more snaps (as usual I've been posting all week on Insta, FB, and Twitter). Enjoy. I did.

The week began with a wonderful evening at elysian (that's their kitchen) and then continued with daily walking adventures with the pup. I'm curious about some graffiti walls I spied up the side of a hill on Riverside Dr., near the Mulholland Fountain. Meaux-Meaux and I started to explore, but it was too hot. Next time.

Nearby by we saw a few new Earl wheat pastes: "All the girls love Earl!" The first time I saw his work was on a long, crazy walk I took with pup; a very sketchy, but fun adventure. Being L.A. there was also lots of driving this week (luckily my car usually fits even tight parking spots).

Like most weeks, there was some art viewing, this time at Pacific Design Center (where a bunch of galleries had open houses) and at Richard Telles Fine Art on Beverly Blvd. There was also a stop at a parking space for Park(ing) Day.

Two more from Pacific Design Center at the terrific den contemporary gallery exhibit, Painting on Edge II. I was showing the pictures to my former pro-skater boyfriend and he said, "That's not how you hold a skateboard. That's a mall grab." I showed him the next pic and he nodded, "That's how you hold a skateboard: by the nose." I was happy the dude redeemed himself.

The last picture is one of the most satisfying moments of the week: I made some art. If you follow me on Insta you may have seen a few process shots. What started out as a botched collage on a stretched canvas that had been languishing under my drafting table eventually became two separate pieces, including this one:

Circles of Stars, 2012, paper and acyrlic on unstretched canvas, 10.5 x 17.5 inches. It's available. Contact me with inquiries. I may do a post of the process–it was quite a transformation.

oh the printing possibilities

the door to deliciousness