Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Out and About

A few snaps from another great weekend in L.A. These aren't dupes of what I've already posted on my Instagram or my Facebook page (even though I kind of wanted to post those too because there are some cuties).

Started off all healthy like (and as you will soon read, ended oppositely): I discovered a great new health food store, Full o' Life in Burbank. (Whole Foods is currently being boycotted in this house because of the lame-ass remarks it's CEO made about Obama, universal healthcare, and climate change while promoting his book.) When I got home a cooked up an amazing thick soup of kale, white beans, and chicken breast. It simmered for 6 hours and was delicious.


Saturday afternoon I took a field trip to the Westside for Art Los Angeles Contemporary. I really enjoyed the fair—fresh work, small size, inspiring. The little kid pictured below was extremely concerned as to why one of the cigarettes was lying on the ground and not standing up. Irritated Mom was having none of it.


I especially loved the work of Thomas Dozol at Jack Hanley (below, left) and Matthew Stone at The Hole (below, right). Great to see a Kevin Appel piece too, one of my favorite local artists. 


Later we headed deep downtown for the opening party at Night Gallery. The space is fantastic. And: it is next to a gigantic titty bar with the greatest name: Dames 'n Games Topless Sport Bar & Grill. I mean really—how great is that. Night Gallery seems to be a bit of lightening rod in the L.A. art scene—there have been some strong opinions in my feeds, especially in response to a big piece in the LA Weekly. I really enjoyed our time there. (And the tequila too, which I am pictured with here. That sculpture totally tried to steal my drink.) I loved the spray painted windows by Yunhee Min.


We then headed back to Silver Lake through the best tunnel in downtown L.A. and stopped at the jam packed new joint in the 'hood: The Black Cat. The place is great—so happy it's in the neighborhood. The interior styling is wonderful with tons of art hung salon style and perfect light fixtures.


This morning we stopped by the new studio space and the progress is inspiring. I think we'll be able to begin moving in next weekend. Thrilled.


I lied about not posting duplicate pictures, but it's worth posting this pic of the front of Oooga Boogaagain because I'm pretty sure I want to own every single thing in this store. And the building the store inhabits. Go here, pronto. (And buy me something.)


Finally, we stopped by The Pie Hole which not only has an excellent name, but makes excellent pies. While waiting for the Mac 'n' Cheese pie and Steak 'n' Ale pie (yes, you heard me right) I glanced down at the newspaper on the counter. My horoscope: also excellent. Go Scorpio! (And: go get a manicure.)


 Although the weekend isn't finished yet, I have a feeling the rest of it is going to be spent right where I am: on the couch! Time to chill.

this week: fantastic

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