Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.


Headed downtown last night and stopped by the fairly new Eat.Drink.Americano (which I can recommend) before the opening reception for a Zaha Hadid installation at SCI-Arc (which I cannot recommend).

Americano (I'm dropping the Eat.Drink. part–they should too) is a gastropub –L.A.'s latest trend in restaurants, it seems. The term bugs me, in part because of it's current local trendiness, and also because The Spotted Pig is a true American gastropub. A brand spanking new, shiny spot that looks like a cross between faux Napa Valley and steampunk isn't really a gastropub. But, whatevs– Americano is a good time and has a cheap and tasty happy hour.

It's a pretty, striking room in a beautiful old brick warehouse in what is a now happening section of #DTLA– a great few blocks of pie, beer, sausages, art supplies, curated shopping, gorgeous old buildings, and some truly incredible graffiti.

You don't have to be a graphic designer or type geek like me to love the large hand chalked wall. It's a thing of beauty. Funnily, all that wine verbiage written on the wall, but the wine list is nothing special. And: they were out of three of the wines I asked for. I literally settled for my fourth choice, an over-oaked and otherwise bland chardonnay. The very modern pastrami sandwich was really, really tasty though. And just $5 because it was happy hour. 

Americano is kitty corner to SCI-Arc's back entrance, so me and the 3 architects I was with sauntered over to sneak in the back way. The place was packed and buzzing. Here are a few snaps of what I thought was a really lackluster piece. I'm fairly certain it was unfinished (for it's own opening–bit embarassing, no?), but still, if your name is Zaha, the expectations are pretty high. 

Although the show did not excite, it's always great to be at SCI-Arc. It's got the tantalizing look of creation, everywhere you look things are in process (including, in this case, the night's main attraction). It's a treat.

stacks on stacks on stacks

Half-empty, art-full