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a spring Saturday

The weather was glorious yesterday. Like today. And the day before yesterday. But back to yesterday:

On Saturday I decided to drive a bit west and visit my favorite musuem in my favorite city. I parked on the street and wandered through the park to get to LACMA. I stopped for a bit and sat on the grass in the sun, watching people come and go, dogs running around, kids throwing frisbees. General fun and frivolity, including some kids skating.

It was not a good skate spot and they were not good skateboarders. But they were entertaining. The boys were pissy because they weren't very good, falling over, messing up tricks. Plus, they kept getting interrupted by people, dogs, kids and...a wedding:

Who knew you could get married at La Brea Tar Pits? The bride wore white, the bridesmaids pink.

I wandered over to LACMA and coincidently saw someone who had been at my own wedding. He didn't acknowledge me. This is what I've found: divorcing your husband also means divorcing some friends.

That's alright. I'm a rock. Not really, but I walked by a big rock. Sometime soon it will be a signature piece of the museum (and maybe for the city), but for now it's under wraps. It looked quite diminutive and shy. A little lonely too. Hello there rock. Sorry you can't have the sun shine on you. Soon.

I got my ticket and headed straight for the Broad building to check out the Ellsworthy Kelly exhibit...

only to find that it was done. This made me sad. And mad. Why did I wait so long?

Moving on (as one must), I walked across the hall to a wonderful exhibitition of Robert Adams' photographs.

Actually, Adams photographs made me sad too. They are small, stark, very dark black and whites with lots of silence and lonliness. I only made in through two of the rooms of the show. I'll go back though. The images are extremely beautiful. But devestating. I took a quick snapshot before I headed back outside to the bright, busy light.

I got in my silly lima bean car and meandered east towards home.

Passed this SK8 mural I love. The front of the liquor store is constantly getting tagged. The weird mint green ice cream color is always getting touched up as though it was something precious. The mural gets left alone. Probably because it is so kick ass awesome. And really is precious.

The name of this store in Korea town makes me giggle. But not as much as what I saw on my way to the museum. Driving to LACMA I saw the very best thing. So here I am saving the first thing and the very best thing for last:

What are those kids up to? Making fun.

And being (sort of) safe about it. A helmet. 

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