Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

a bright (and messy) future

Although I still plan on seeing a lot of art these last few weeks of the year, I think my studio time is going to be spent purging, organizing, and prepping for the studio move rather than actually making. It's going to be, um, messy. There is much to sort through.

If you're curious about the new studio space and how it will evolve from this to something gorgeously designed, follow the progress of the Somewhere Something build-out at our Facebook page and on our Tumblr: Someblr.

It's an exciting, busy time. And, so it seems, my collage creative output may be done for the year.

It ended prettily: inspired by all that Miami talk in my feeds for a solid week of art fairs updates, last week I pieced together a 11 x 14 collage of flamingoes and luxury, "Birds of Winter" (see it here). I had fun making this collage. (Although I think I always say that. I just have fun making things, period. Even if it begins with a struggle, there is joy.)

Okay. Now: what to do with those stacks on stacks and scraps and tubes and brushes and jars and blades and bits and whatnot...

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