Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Starting something with #SocialTech

The original #SocialTech flier—before we gave it a hashtag.

Last Wednesday evening I hosted an invigorating discussion, joined by 10 other artists and designers, to talk about social media best practices. It was a broad, informal session of sharing tips, asking and answering questions, and sipping wine and munching on snacks. 

We decided to all Tweet the gathering and give ourselves a hashtag. What should it be? Someone shouted #SocialTech and it was done, we now have a name for our Wednesday evenings' gatherings. (Who was it? Remind me, fellow #SocialTechers.)

As it was our first time meeting (the idea was based on a Thursday Night Social I hosted a year ago, so I guess it was technically the second meeting). The conversation spanned many topics, including how to get quality Twitter followers, starting Facebook pages, best use of Instagram hashtags, the power of blogging, SEO optimization, coming up with handle names, the power of Facebook groups, and much more.

For the upcoming sessions we decided to focus on very specific topics to get the best results for promoting and sharing our practice as well as finding likeminded people on all the different platforms.

Join us for the next #SocialTech session, we'll be focusing on Instagram.

Coming up on Wednesday, July 29 we'll be focusing on Instagram. All artists and designers are welcome. Bring your social media questions, tips, and devices. There is a $5 fee. Light refreshments, beer, and wine will be served (adults only, please). You may pay in advance here, or night of via cash or credit card. 

For updates about the evening, join the Facebook event page and please join our #SocialTech Facebook group—it's all about social media, after all. 

Let's get double tapping.

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A #DTLA recommendation: let yourself in to Please Do Not Enter

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