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This morning's walk brought to you by Dayquil

This morning's walk brought to you by Dayquil

I have a little cold, but this morning I downed some strangely good tasting bright orange medicine and my pup and I did what we love to do most: walk around downtown Los Angeles going this way and that, crossing the street if the light changed or the view looked good or something appealed. 

Scaffolding and a barricaded walkway have been covering up this wonderful old sign in the sidewalk around the corner from our loft.

Graffiti Spotting (and the dog posing) is a ritual.

Remind me to come back here. Restaurant supply stores are fantastic.


I used to live in that building down Wall Street. The one down there. That was maybe 20 years ago and the street looked a little rougher then. Visitors were scarce. Looks okay now.

Sci Arc junk yard, where old carpet and bad student projects go to die.


Before we cross the bridge photo-op and rest. A pit stop. Pit bull stop.

City-side looking down bridge view. Garbage dump stop. A splash of color.

First we go over the tracks, and then the river.

Crossing the river and looking across to the 6th Street bridge.

Taking a little break, looking across to the 1st Street bridge.

The beautiful Los Angeles river (said with absolutely no sarcasm). I love this view.

Once we crossed the bridge, decided to walk to the gallery and Ooga Booga. They were closed. The door was fancier then last time I was there. It's been a while. Too long.

We walked along the tracks for a bit, looked back at the bridge we just walked over.

Explored an active graffiti spot. Saw a bunch of lizards too. 

Walked the tracks a bit more. Could have done this for a long time, but we both were getting tired.

Made our way to the 1st Street bridge and slowly headed home.

We paused to enjoy the river from above. I kind of wanted to scramble down there and jump in. Meaux too.

Meaux Meaux jumped in her favorite fountain on the way home. Refreshing. It was a great walk.

Say hello to my little friendly studio

Say hello to my little friendly studio

you say it's your

you say it's your