Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

positive thinking / curating

Packing, taping, lugging, grunting (not to mention some bruising and breaking)–this is the sucky part of moving.

Sigh. And then: Smile. In a few days it's on to the unpacking (and lugging and grunting but hopefully no breaking). Something I cannot wait to do: be my own curator and arrange and hang all the art. Love.

Latest acquisition, which will get a prime spot, is this beautiful mixed media piece by Dan Barry.

Check out the meticulous detailing of these tiny little circles and scratches:

The back of the piece is a beautiful grid-based collage treat in itself. I'm thinking I'll take really good picture, put it in a funky thrift store frame, and hang it next to the original piece.

Now, enough curating day dreaming, and back to packing.

box break

this way up