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I'm very charmed by the New York Times today. Sitting, flipping through the pages on a Sunday afternoon. Post-party clean-up done, 'cept the outside table which has a festive display of wine glasses and bottles. But no cigarette butts, because we've all reformed. Still drinking, but not smoking.

The Sunday paper for three weeks in a row has dedicated a lot of space in the Arts & Leisure section to the new version of "Porgy and Bess" being staged in Cambridge. It's a a terrific discussion. Three weeks running. This week it's responses to Stephen Sondheim's scathing critique of Diane Paulus' reworking. I just love it that the editors chose to run Sondheim's extra-long letter and also the responses to it. A whole dialogue is going on. And it's not online--where they easily could have put it--but taking up space on the printed page. Well, I mean IT IS online too--but they also put it in the actual paper. Bravo. (Check it out if you haven't been following it. Start with the original article about the remake. I suggest.)

The blue bag was extra heavy this morning when I got it from the stoop-- T magazine. Nice. And it turns out to be both beautiful and silly. And even the bad, I-don't-believe-it-for-a-second spread "Bossy Pants" photographed by Colin Dodgson and dubiously styled by Sara Moonves has some charm. But what is up with that dumb butt in the air shot. Ew.

Book Review. Really great. I mean, I skip over the kid stuff because frankly: I don't understand why kid's books are being reviewed by the New York Times, but the rest of the Review is almost always pure pleasure for me. Of particular interest this week: Amy Walman's novel that has become a reality, the restrained review of what sounds like a really silly book by Fiona Maazel (giant squid! manliness!), and the best seller listings, which always crack me up.

At #8 on the e-book bestsellers is Retribution: "Brought back to life by a Greek goddess, the former gunslinger Jess Brady is tasked with finding the creature who's assassinating Dark Hunters." Wow. What the fuck does this mean?

Profanity aside, I also like the use of the word "mustering" for the Game of Thrones sum-up, which is trailing behind Retribution at #11. "...sinister and supernatural forces are mustering..."

I'm still working my way through the Review. Slowly. Because I want to savor it. And now, back to it.

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