Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

fresh new faces

Pictured: Not Julia Roberts (and Tom Hanks).

I replaced the actress on the latest issue of W with two mash-ups of "the latest in a run of Chinese models to make it big" and a blonde with "a sculpted jawline that projects a rocker-tough glamour."

Why? Because I keep all issues of W magazine and have done so for a dozen years (if you've been in my little office, you know this to be true), but I cannot stand Julia Roberts and her ugly rectangle-shaped lips.

I replaced the totally boring-never-gets-naked actress with real models. Because isn't W a fashion magazine? (Although I cannot think of the last time they had a model on their cover.) And having one woman (especially such a dull one) pictured with the headline "Fantastic Women" makes no sense.

So now there are two women. (And Tom Hanks. Who is okay by me, even though I liked him better when he made movies like Bachelor Party.)

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