Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

off to work I go...

I've been band-sawing and chop-sawing and gluing and sanding and testing the strength of my manicure in the workshop for my latest art project. Look for it soon at my Etsy shop. (And look there right now anyway--fun stuff.)

Just because it houses power tools, wood, glue, paint and the like, doesn't mean the workshop can't be pretty...

...pretty on the outside, that is. It's wonderful, messy chaos on the inside.

It's a shadow box/frame in the making.

First it was cutting the trim and making a box and then adhering a face (or back, depending on use).

Clamps and weights.

Filling in the gaps. Shellac CND manicures are awesome, by the way. Practically wood shop proof.

process piece