Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

some thanks before the day

I've had a nice week and I'm grateful for it.

It rained and when it was over L.A. looked fresh and beautiful and vibrant green outside the dinning room window of this beautiful old house I live in.

I didn't make anything new this week, but I did design and assemble tags and cards for a holiday bazaar, using two of my favorite tools: the X-acto knife and the Japanese screw punch. (The coupons are for my Etsy shop. There is a sale going on.)

I saw some really interesting art, including this video installation at YoungProjects. I took a picture of my reflection in a field of pixelated wheat that moved when I did. It was dreamy.

I made a really delicious dinner with my guy:

I bought four copies of magazine we're in.

The cover story has some pretty pictures and also included a few quotes by me. This one cracks me up. Food & Wine implies my wine selection is too difficult to find and picks a merlot as an alternative. Whatevs.

I feed my addiction to the pink highlights and got another round with my new favorite hair guy, Zach at Hairrion Salon. He's from Kansas. (He did my hair for the Food & Wine shoot too.)

(I did not get a manicure however. Chipped light blue is still kind of cute though.)

On Monday at spent the evening at Canelé for their first Atelier. Sue Rush, a woman I worked with what seems a million years ago at Les Deux, made the most exquisite jams I've ever tasted.

I set up a very colorful, art filled table.

I sold several things, including this collage I decided to add to the sale at the last minute. The small piece is the start of an idea I have about some larger artworks. I'm happy that someone liked the idea enough to buy it.

Finally, tomorrow I'm heading down to the desert with these two cuties:

Yes, life is good.

tit for tat

Minis made by me