Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

pop art


It's the first day of July and just like that, June gloom is gone.

The weather is incredible today. Summer is here, the sky is blue, blue and I'm feeling happy and inspired.

This afternoon I'm working on another Bomb-Pop collage. I gave this one to D & M on the occasion of their backyard ice cream social a few weeks ago. Although it had been cool and foggy for a days, on the day of the party the weather cleared. It was gorgeous and hot–much like today. Luckily all the ice creams were packed in ice and got eaten so quickly that there wasn't time for them to melt. We drank Prosecco with generous scoops of tangy Campari Grapefruit Granita. It was a great day.

(As usual, I didn't take a photograph of the collage before giving it away––really, I am going to change this habit––but I did find this small-sized image. All texture and the handmade-ness of it is lost in this low quality scan, but I'm happy to have the reference. And I'm sure D & M will let me take a picture of the real thing. Which I am also sure they have very prominently displayed in their cool house.)

three for the fourth

plausible drama