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At a wine tasting earlier in the week, my new blogger/twitter friend Erika was describing her history on the blogosphere. It began with a "mommy blog" and as her children began to get older,  evolved into a "food blog." She said that there was a time that all she really wanted to write about was the biggest, most painful thing happening in her life: her father's illness and eventual death, but she felt held back by the subject's melancholy and highly personal nature. So she stuck to the mommy and food writing.

Hear you, sister.

All the good...well, great, actually...stuff going on in my life has the cloud of *oh yeah, I'm getting a divorce* around it. I can't shake the sad seriousness of this fact and the painful process of going through it when I start a post here. And I also can't quite write about, either. (My lawyer is probably happy about this.) This leads to a lack of posts in general and fluffy, uninvolved ones when they do appear.

All this bloggy ennui and wishy-washiness will pass. [Lots of "time heals" clichés inserted here.]

And in the meantime, I'm sticking to wine and design writing.

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