Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

happiness is a warm puppy

biker dog

There were lots of giggles and near accidents as I tried to take this pic. And also sadness.

My mama and I were driving to the vet to comfort and say our last goodbyes to my sweet Alyosha. Being passed by the motorcycle pooch filled me with bittersweet joy. 

Oh I so adore my dog--all those years we had together.

The last three months apart from her were difficult for me. (And grossly misunderstood by others.)

Happily, Alyosha's life remained basically the same while we were away from each other: full of love and naps in the sun and walks in the park.

With her gone, it's the end of another important phase of my life. And this is bittersweet too.

It's a new era. The future is bright, bright. Hear me, feel me? Fresh happiness. For everyone.


goodbye gray