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so pleased my little cottage has a/c

 unlimited health

Today's hot, hot walk around the reservoir included passing a few peeps in funny conversation.

A twenty-something chick strolling along in a turquoise bikini top and short shorts was speaking loudly to a shirtless, heavily tattooed cute guy:

"If they have something about me--if they're hatin' on me, it's just because they hate themselves. You know what I mean? That's all it is. They have self-hatred. And they should just stop it. And then everyone would love me."

A fancy sunglasses guy slowed down in a zippy car when he saw a friend walking, shouted out "hello" and:

"I can't believe that I haven't sweated down to a Speedo body in this heat. It's Speedo season."

Well, it seemed funny at the time. As I was hoofing it on the dusty path. Sweaty. 

Go Lakers.

so cheap and juicy

and you thought Friday couldn't get any better