Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

happy pod


The pod-man picked up my stuff this morning.

Lot's of good loud rrrrrrr and whirrrrrrrr noises and hyrdraulics and wow, how do they do that and I'm like a four year-old boy totally wide-eyed watching and smiling and jumping up and down a bit.

So cool. Is it too late to make a career change? Pod-woman.

Hmm. And their uniforms are totally hipster cool before that phrase even existed.

Okay, well actually, the pod-man didn't pick up my stuff, the podzilla did all the heavy lifting:


There goes my pod. Bye, bye. Good luck. Have fun. It's off to join other happy pods in Compton. It'll be a pod party.

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I'm channeling Wendy Beamish (sort of)