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loving sons-of-a-gun


My Oscar sum-up? He blogs it best.

Yeah, all that-- only I didn't see Wall-E even though you told me it made you cry. Or maybe that is the reason I didn't see it.

Yeah, all that-- and a few catty texties which involved:

  • Reese Witherspoon's plastic bra straps and f-a-t and poor J-a-k-e

  • the blond bonnet that Kate wore on her head--spring is hat season

  • that guy just quoted STYK???

  • did they keep her locked up in a dark closet her entire life? get Anne a spray tan

  • SPJ suddenly has boobies and is wearing a gigantic skirt that is seven feet wide which makes Daniel have to stand far away stutter through his lines maybe because he is prettier and elegantier than her

art is a question rearranged

progress report, part 2