Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

I haven't thought of you lately at all


Sometimes cringing, sometimes sad, but really: mostly laughing...I've been manually copy/paste-ing my blog archive to a new host.

I comment on my own posts more than anyone, but second place goes to Clos. It's crazy. Basically he was a whole other character in my bloggy story.

Which begs the question: what the eff does he do with all his free time now that he no longer communicates with me?

An example: September 2, 2008.

I hadn't blogged in a couple of days and he had become distraught. Shit was going on in my life and I wasn't sure how to write about it. Or if I should continue blogging at all.

Finally, I broke the silence, with a fluffy post.

And he approved:
1. clos...ah...celebrity, wine, los angeles environs, hyphens and indulgence. that's better.

2. clos...also the photograph included art & architecture. you were one literary reference away from a perfect post.
3. clos ...
also fashion, freebies and a man complimenting the author.

“I like the frivolity of it, and the idea of slightly absurdifying that seriousness.”

nice gams