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it was the opposite of invisible


Went to a swanky screening of Tom Ford's A Single Man last night.

I was hoping beyond hope HE would be there. TF's been seen around LA recently and the NYTimes just did a feature story about his go at film making which took place at The Beverly Hills Hotel (ubiquitous, right? such things always seem to be either there or the Chateau).

Soo...I almost tripped and fell over in my ankle boots when I scooted by the seat in the theater with his name taped to it.

Michael Govan walked on stage and gave the introduction. Big fan of his too--I was shocked and nervous when he left DIA, but so happy to have him in LA. (The nervousness came from my fears for DIA's future. I love this organization and want it to thrive. DIA:Beacon is a must see when I travel east--it is perfection.) Govan said some obvious things about TF's greatness and a few words about the film.

Then it was time for the man of the hour.

Go ahead, guess what/who he was wearing.

So sharp, slick, dripping sex. And humble and articulate. The applause lasted a little too long and he demurred and invited us to judge the film for ourselves.

My review is at Swirl Smell Slurp (somehow it's wine related).

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