Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.



Ah, Austin. (Not pictured above. That's The Joule. Next to the pool. That I fell into.)

So happy to be here. Even though it's one o'clock and I'm in the hotel room and back in my nightgown. Nap time? My hangover is coming in waves.

Prolly rally and go for a walk down by the river. It's gorgeous outside. And I'm out of the suburbs and it's NYE and the sky is blue and I'm all optimism and head-achy and happy and in love.

What I learned last night: mackerel is my favorite sushi ever.

And: Uchi is favorite place to have it.

And also: don't try to stuff a menu under your shirt in front of four chefs and about 20 servers. You will get caught. Or rather, your cute drunk boyfriend will get caught and you will find him sheepish and giggling when you return from the restroom.

westward, home

when you walk that walk