Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

rambling road


Night three of the big winter road trip was in Childress, TX and we stayed at our first chain hotel: the comfortingly generic Quality Inn. There was a painting of a golf course above the bed. The people next door were smoking weed and we were drinking Jack Daniels out of plastic cups.

In the morning we checked out of our luxurious digs and drove to the old downtown. Like so many old Western towns there is a central square around a large courthouse. It's seen better days. The stone and brick buildings are fantastic but completely delapidated. Crumbling. But so great. I want to buy the whole downtown and make it into something.

We had a lovely, meandering country drive to Dallas yesterday afternoon. Made lots of stops including the coolest, quirkiest bookstore I've ever been to. (Lot's of pics to post. As soon as I find that cord. Amongst my ridiculous amount of luggage. Really, eight pairs of shoes???)

And here we are. Last night we slept in a princess' bed.


when you walk that walk

the car leaves at 7 a.m.