Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

One night to speed up truth


Last night, right as we were getting into bed, my boyfriend says, "Don't f**k me over." It was kind of a mixed message.

That was last night. Tonight we need to pack for a mini-break in Palm Springs. It's going to be so romantic.

But instead of packing cute dresses and sexy heels, I'm drinking Beaujolais and sort of watching basketball, and mostly admiring my freshly painted toes and fingernails. Went with a deep, bloody looking red for the toes and a very pale and opaque pink for the fingers. The color is so light it reads more like white and is very wedding chic.

And speaking of weddings, on the day that JFK died, Roger Sterling's daughter got married and Mad Men filmed it at the Wilshire Ebell. On the day that JFK jr. died I got the Wilshire Ebell.

The boyfriend says he "got jealous" at me, not mad at me. I think it was because I got a text message from another boy. And it was, like, one in the morning. If only it had been a sexy text. Those are lots of fun.

Why won't you come over here

And where is the corkscrew?