Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.


I only have a few friends on foursquare. And only two of them really use it. (Use it, use it. Sign up for it. Then use it.)

One of the two who does use is usually with me when he checks in. (We vie for mayor-ship everywhere we go. I've so got Big Macs Liquors and Canele.)

The other foursquare friend is Jory. And I have no idea who he is, but I know where he's been. And I really like knowing.

My iPhone goes "ding, ding" and I think, "Hmm...wonder where Jory is? Back at work, I see. Boy, he sure works a lot."

Jory also goes to Intelligentsia and Hugo's Tacos and really likes Trails Cafe.

I follow him on Twitter too: @jory (how great is it to have your first name be your Twitter name).

@jory calls his kid (kids?) Twerp and goes to swim lessons at the Rose Bowl.

He borrowed someone's chainsaw on NeighborGoods. This is very curious. What's he sawing?

Four hundred and forty-seven people know about all this stuff too. (As opposed to the thirty people who know that I watched a lot of football this weekend and that the landlord's dogs were hanging at my place and that I bought vodka at Big Macs--$14.99 Skyy, oh my.)

Lot's of people like to know what's up with Jory. Maybe we'll be Facebook friends soon too.

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