Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Where the wild things are

I was in my nightgown until six or so tonight. That's all day. And how lovely it was.
And then Twitters and calls, etc happened and I showered and dressed and lipsticked and on the road.
We're driving by the Palladium just in time to see 1,082 kids in line to see Blnk 182.
Hollywood is so messy.
This is what happens (the attitude) after six (blissful) months in Silver Lake.
But still, so entertaining to be back.
Those sound bites. Those skater boys, er men.
Rubs and tugs and Vegas and four foot nine and deer that sing and...
But gee, how health conscious that it was Coor's Light in the frig.

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