Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

stop bragging


Having a roommate means that the frig has milk in it when you thought you were out.

And it makes one consider putting on a bra before stumbling to the kitchen to make coffee in the morning.

And it means hearing cute English words like "blimey" and "bullocks."

Living in a small town means you can just leave your car and walk home.

Even if you don't because it's like twenty degrees outside, so you get a ride instead.

Can't you just give me a ride? Don't you just want to give me a ride?

(Remember to go pick up the car at some point. Don't forget. Who's car is that? Been there all night and day. Day and night.)

Paying for your own PG&E and DirecTv and New York Times subscription makes you reconsider things.

Turn off the lights.

Fifty-five degrees inside is tolerable, right?

It's totally free online.

Who needs to watch dumb Grey's Anatomy? Who does watch dumb Grey's Anatomy?

Today is about football viewing and wishing that someone would make me a really great brunch. And collecting the car. Don't forget.

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