Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

an absorbing story

I was in SF to see some art and listen to a lecture by Kris Martin and my little BlackBerry buzzes and two hours prior to the talk a cancellation notice is emailed.

Oh sure, I'll be sending that big check next time I get a request from the alumni association, CCA. Because you guys are awesome.

It's all about opportunities.

Like stopping by the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library bookstore and trolling the 3 for a dollar table.

And what delicious finds:


Hello there, Mad Men.


(The third book was a trashy romance novel that will be turned into something and mailed to you shortly.)

Post bookstore I lunched at The Slanted Door, confirming that I want to live there and keep on staff a couple of the cooks and that one cute bartender who looks so good in his black t-shirt--they can stay to dote on me.

And then it was me pushing buttons and, Hey there, I'm in the city...

Off to Absinthe where the food is only fine and I had just had that hamachi so who cares about pommes frites. The drinks are really good and the company was the best.

Hanging with old friends, it's inevitable there will be some of that Remember when kind of talky-talk.

Like the time I walked into the sliding glass door after getting my first tattoo. And then we went to Tosca and you really got hammered, he said.

old pictures, new story