Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

The movement of a hand

This morning when I went to make coffee there was a worm on the counter. It took me several beats to realize it was a worm. And then once my slow brain registered it I thought: Do I scream? Am I afraid of worms? No. No I'm not. I can pick it up and throw it away. So I did.

What kind of crazy journey did that worm have to end up in front of my coffee maker?

So, yesterday's craps lesson was fruitful and I doubled my money. It took two hours of playing, but I doubled it, baby. I like craps. I also really like football and Sportscenter and the Sunday Times and Champagne and Windsor bleu cheese and almonds and Sonny Clark's 'Leapin' & Lopin' and the Eagles' Mitchell's funny looking Indiana Jones hat and floppy red bow-tie. That's a good look.

In a funny way

Slash dot dash