Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

I looked all over town

Okay, so this is what's been suggested so far, booty-wise.

1. From the lovely Valerie: Cute Paul Smith rubbers with kitten heels that she promises will work for stormy weather. Hmm, I do love PS. But kitten heels may be a bit too dainty?

2. From my unemployed (and good lookin') male friend who watches The View: plaid rubber/plastic boots from Kohl's. Dude, I love ya, but these just are not quite what I had in mind.

3. From the sassy Amy:

Uh, huh Pucci, Pucci, Pucci. And nice Michael Kors too.

4. From devilish Liz: the great advice of looking at, which coincidently is where Amy was sending me, so apparently I'm the last to know but very happy to find out. Nice.

5. From Lonnie: nothing. But really I should just go see him and hand him my credit card. He always gets it right, which can be dangerous but so satisfying

It hasn't happened yet