Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

This must be the place

I just don't understand why my 'Slim-Shape Anti-Cellulite Visible Contouring Serum' ('Serum minceur Anti-Cellulite') by Estee Lauder Body Performance is not working as quickly as the packaging suggests.

So I went my new (old) school on Monday and met with the Design & Industry department. It was a great meeting, I liked them, they liked me. The program is exciting. I said, 'Okay, so am I going to have any problem getting these courses?' And they said, 'Ahhh...there is the rub.'

Getting the courses required for the degree sounds a little bit like getting the tickets to fulfill your Sundance package. Doesn't matter that you faught the crowd and laid down the dough to get the package. You are given a priority number, you call, it's busy, you call back, it's busy, you call back....this process goes on for many hours, you get through and you're put on hold, they answer and they don't have this, but do have that fourth choice, and you can be on the waiting list for this, but not that, and on and on.

The drugs don't work

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