Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Lilac wine

Tickets to the la la la Laker's preseason game in Vegas were, um, a little easier to get this year. I'll be there over the October 22 weekend for the game v. Phoenix and an early birthday celebration. The bonus is that the hotel room is free because they effed up my reservation when I went to last year's game (v. those dreaded Sacto Kings---I cannot believe that big liar Vlade is a Laker again....but I'll try to stay positive...they are my team, goddamnit). Truly, I love the Vegas.

Here's a wine recommendation from the weekend (because if you know me, you know I enjoy the vino as well as the cocktail): 2000 Cold Heaven Viognier, Sanford & Benedict Vineyard, Santa Barbara County, (about $25) made by the doll Morgan Clendenen (yes, she is married to Jim of Au Bon Climat fame). Luscious silky texture that is almost oily in the mouth, heady flowery nose, flavors of lychee, peaches and honey, hint of oak. This is a terrific food wine--substitute it for when you would normally have a red with strong flavored dishes.

Who is it (carry my joy on the left, carry my...)

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