Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Blueeyed devil

Amongst the best films I saw at Sundance this year were the emotionally devastating and superbly acted "We Don't Live Here Anymore" (based on two stories by Andre Dubus) and the very modern and lively "Bright Young Things" (based on Evelyn Waugh's novel "Vile Bodies").

I won't babble about the details that you probably have already read or heard about, but I will give a warning: If you are engaged, you probably shouldn't see "We Don't Live Here Anymore." And if you are married, be prepared to cringe and to have thesudden desire for a stiff drink.

As for the gorgeous, high-production-value "Bright Young Things," even though it takes place on the eve of WWII, it is very hard to not think of present day 'famous for being famous' celebrities while viewing it. (And Stephen Fry, the director, said as much at the screening I went to in January. He received much laughter and hooting from the crowd when he cited Paris Hilton by name.)

Bang the drum

Help! (I need somebody...)