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What holds the world together

Wine recommendation from the weekend (cause if you know me, you know I like the vino as well as the cocktails):

Pinot Noir, Hellenthal Vineyard, Sonoma Coast, Radio-Coteau 2002
($65 at a la-ti-da restaurant, pay half this retail?)

very elegant and classic pinot that is refined but gives generous dark cherry flavors and spicy cedar notes. It has a great balance of acid, fruit, and body, which I think is so important for enjoying a wine with a meal. Beautiful and delicious!

I had not heard of the winery, but picked it on the merits of the vineyard, Hellenthal, which I consistently enjoy. Yummy, yummy.

The bartender (we ate at the bar, because it's just such a cooler scene) had tasted through the whole line and told us that the winery also produces a great Syrah and Zinfandel.

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