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1967, the year of Perry Mason

In the revelry of the weekend, I missed a few days of posting the entries of the diary I found in the alley. Instead of just passing it by, I put some highlights of the missed days below. Omitted is the "watched Perry Mason", because, of course, she did that every effin' day! All spelling and punctuation is her's, poor girl. (but obviously not "poor" in the financial sense)

July 2:
6 years ago I visited George Bernard Shaw's Home; last year at this time I also Shaw's "You Never Can Tell.

July 3:
Saw Dr. Denton...Las year at this day I was in Enland at an Inn + 2 girls bought me a drink. Also in 1960 I was in Holland in July 3.

July 4:
Then dinner at the Galleon Martini, Whiskey Sour, Wine + Lobster tail...365 days ago I ws in London, at a curt house "You Lord Shik Sir" they call him Als that night I went to the Talk of the Town, night club.

July 5:
Raymond Burr was in the pape + about his
show "Ironside" at 8:30 PM Thur.
Watched Perry Mason at 1 till 2 PM
Last year at this day Helen + I had
dinner at Maxims in Paris.
Also 1960 I was in Germany.

All tomorrow's parties

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