Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Independence day

I can never eat clams again in my life and I am extremely upset about it. Worst. Food. Poisoning. Ever.

That aside, this is Closs' prediction for Sunday: "menu for the day--screwdrivers for 4th parade, snow cones for baseball tournament, beer for bocceball, grilled cheese and potato salad for lunch, those ground up mint and rum drinks for cocktail hour and a bottle of wine or two with dinner before heading home for the STOMPER.  am I close?"

And of course, he is right spot-on with the addition of some debauchery here and there, really good music, and illegal pyrotechnics.

And it's too bad Clossinemem is not here to join in on the festivities.

(And the stomper is Makers/rocks, duh).

In da club

Rollin' on chrome