Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Ch-check it out

I love the subway shots on satan's laundromat. They are creepy and mysterious. And beautiful.

I also love today's daily Oliver. Well, I pretty much love every day's daily Oliver, but I especially like today's tongue-in-the-nose pic.

(Despite what you may think, I don't love all dogs. Like that piece of crap pomeranianthat lives down the street. Eff-er. Next time I'm letting go of Alyosha's leash--we'll see how tough it is. Nor do I like dim-witted labs and goldens. Or spooky looking standard poodles. One of the legend of Faust tales has the devil reincarnated as a standard poodle--Goethe? or Marlowe?--I always remember this when I see those weird dogs.)

1967, the year of Perry Mason

1967, the year of Perry Mason