Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Get out my house

Friday I'm off.  To San Pedro. To catch a ferry. To go to Catalina. For a long weekend.

There are buffalo all over the place, that's my memory from last time I was there.

I also remember that Val Kilmer was wearing goofy disguises and flashing his big teeth. The sexy scientist, Elisabeth Shue, was hiding formulas for cold fusion.

The multiplex where we saw The Saint was once a casino where starlets and sauve,dangerously handsome men would go to escape from Hollywood.

After the flick we went to a Mexican joint and had many margaritas.

Back at our tiny hotel room we played a vigorous game of basketball. The trash can on top of the tv was the basket. The best shot was from standing on the left corner of the bed.

No one complained about the noise. I thought that was pretty cool. I won the game..

1967, the year of Perry Mason