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Give him the ooh-la-la

Because I just cannot resist, an excerpt from a dear freind's email tonight:

"Had the MOST invasive bikini waxing of my life today. Never before has an older Russian woman instructed me to GET ON ALL FOURS. And 'drop this part of body.'"

Uh, huh.  I know that "salon".

I think many of us chicks have a sob story like this (and my own personal best involves a simultaneous eyebrow dye/bikini wax session that resulted in much smearing and a not so straight line--visualize your hand smacking your forhead in pain and alarm--and then leaving only half way done).

My g-friend and I also agree that NY is so the next LA: see Sunday Styles.

As a side note, please tell Damore not to go. Don't do it, you, you, you blog-quitter-you! Really. Don't go.

There she goes again

1967, the year of Perry Mason