Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Everything in its right place

The week goes something like this:

Monday is gardening, housecleaning help, finishing the guests' gifts, and searching for the perfect party dresses.

Tuesday is facial-i-zing, following up with those who have not rsvp'ed, developing the menu for Sunday's bbq party, and searching for the perfect party dresses.

Wednesday is dying those roots and trimming the bangs, giving the final head count to the restaurant for Saturday's party, picking up the caviar for Friday's party, and searching for the perfect party dresses.

Thursday is picking up the wine for Saturday's party, shopping for Sunday's party, thefirst houseguest arrives, the partying begins, and searching for the perfect party dresses.

Friday is picking up the bread, the hors d'ouevres, and the Champagne, theremaining houseguests arrive, prepping the house the cocktail party, and hopefully putting on one of the perfect party dresses for the cocktail hour. And having a cocktail (or five).

Saturday is laughing, sipping, chatting, eating, and dancing all while wearing one of the perfect party dresses.

Sunday is more laughing, playing bocce, eating bbq, and drinking bloody Mary's at the park. Thankfully no dress required.

1967, the year of Perry Mason

I wanna roo you