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L is for: lingerie

as in: Yesterday I bought some lingerie at Target.

Yeah, Target. I also bought some household items (windex, sponges, high efficencyTide for the front loading washing machine).

I've had a La Perla gift certificate burning a hole in my wallet since x-mas, but somehow I've ended up with disposable sexy and cute little items from Target instead luxurious lace and silk (and also sexy and cute) from La Perla.

And I was not the only one buying "Exhilaration" brand camisoles and undies yesterday. Even though it's a little racy for the pre-teen set, apparently junior high school girls from all around also decided to make these cheap n' chic purchases. The fitting room was full of giggling girls and uptight moms. One mom scolded her silly, snotty kid by saying "You've been treating me like a turd all afternoon and I won't have it." Two girls in the room next to me groaned and stammered about tight straps. There was lots of "Oh my God!" and "Stop!" and "It's like, so cool!" and "Courtney, just try it on already!".

Next time I'm skipping the fitting room and just taking a chance and purchasing the $11.99 nightgown and $9.99 low rise bottoms. Or I'm just going to La Perla. No, both I think.

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