Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

The good times are killing me

Wed-nes-day is the get-busy-chicky-day. I must:

  • call the Mariachi band

  • find someone to stain the new fence (because there is no effin' way I'm staining it in this 90 degree weather)

  • find someone to put in irrigation in the front yard (same as above)

  • gym-er-cise (arms/abs)

  • roll-over my 401K from 2 jobs ago

  • clean up last night's cocktail mess (tequila, lime, mint, oh my)

  • collect the bet from Ed (it's like so first round, buddy)

  • there's that situation on the desk

  • hydrate, moisturize, pluck, blow-dry

1967, the year of Perry Mason

1967, the year of Perry Mason