Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Trouble man

As I told The Truth Blog:

I met Bubba in San Fran when he was running for his first term (thank you Jim Hickman, wherever you are for making this happen). It was an exciting, inspirational encounter that made me feel especially, uh,  patriotic.

Place: a rally at 24th & Mission. Jimmy put me in charge of the Head Start kids. Duh, he knows a good photo op when he sees one, Billy C.

He came right over to the improvished kids (and the cute, curly-haired blonde over-seeing them).

thrust both of my hands up to his chest, palms first, probably a little too hard. I felt his bullet proof vest under his dark navy blue suit. He looked me in the eye and smiled and said "Thank you."

Girl, you'll be a woman soon

Great day in da mornin'