Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

The heart of Saturday night

this morning/afternoon

  • Saturday's dishes (it never stops, that growing pile and the mint leaves are really starting to stick to the inside of the collins glasses and turn a weird green black color)

  • gym-er-cise (it's like dishes, never stops): butt / abs

  • weeding the now 80% planted dirt patch of a front yard

  • laying path in above yard with the beautiful slate tiles that I bought 2 weeks ago

  • serious bathing and exfoliating and lotioning after above dirty work

  • reading and/or disposing of a week and a half worth of WSJ and NYT (except for the magazine and Sunday Styles section which I always read first and was so pleased to see that the Metallica therapy movie is getting press finally since it was the best flick I saw at Sundance this year funny, funny, funny Dr. Phil was at the screening wearing his best Bill Cosby sweater and said he still has two of the boys as private clients)

  • much hydrating: diet Pepsi, Smart Water, sugar-free Red Bull and getting down with the low carb diet (yeah, right)

Sugar free jazz

If you find yourself caught in love