Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Blinded by rainbows

A few notes from Thursday evening:

Asking "so, what's your sign?" to a chick--so effin' boring (but it's Scorpio, since you asked, and my horoscope this week is pretty cool, as usual)

Yes, my top is totally effin' hot (on me) and it's Italian and zips up the side and the rainbow ribbon down the front is just that, a rainbow (can't a rainbow just be a rainbow, not a statement of sexuality?).

True friends know the right timing of asking "so, when is he coming home for the weekend?"

"Where are you from?" is so effin' boring, see "what's your sign" note above (and I was born at Hollywood Community Hospital, if you must know-- what could be cooler?).

(and if you get this entries' song title, I'm actually impressed)

So watch'cha want

1967, the year of Perry Mason