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Glamour & glitz

Because I'm all about gratuitous name-dropping and because not being in the business makes it fun to gossip about it, here's an email stream between Jennifer and I last night:

Me: I just discovered that the Heathers guy I dated that I told you about DIRECTED Mean Girls. That is effin' weird.

Jenn: NO WAY. That is soo effin' weird. I wish he were a woman so you could add "I'll call you right back" to your list of things famous women have said to you. So many things make you a near-celebrity.
29 minutes til game time. I've got a Superman decal on my "beloved" shrine right now. :)

Me: (to borrow your phrase-ology) So many things make me a person who...worships celebrity.
I did think about doing a "he said" list which would include Marky-Mark offering me a Bud and asking me out and catching that freak Stephen Dorf doing coke on my desk at work.
So sorry about our team.

Jenn: MARKY MARK ASKED YOU OUT?????????? WHA????
Story please....
And, yes, please add a he-said.

1967, the year of Perry Mason

1967, the year of Perry Mason