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Dream machine

For whatever freak reason "The Sheild" did not get Tivo-ed last Tuesday. And I was too busy watching the Lake Show kick the Deee-troit whatcha-call-its butts' to notice at the time. (and I'm sure, pretty sure, maybe sure, hoping it won't be the last win of the post-season)

Jenn and I spent a few hours on the road talkin' about the show (and other stuff, like The E! True Hollywood Story) as we were driving to Paso this weekend. All that talkled to...a dream: Jenn dreamt she was living in L.A. and instead of being the super-star editor that she is, she was, of course, a member of the Strike Team!!! Her account of it:

"I was watering the plants on the deck in the backyard when Vic and Shane suddenly appeared (of course, in their bullet proof vests and guns drawn). They told me that the Armenians were totally onto all of them except me. They didn't know about me yet. So, they were going to send me into their circle as a mole. I told them it would never work because I was only half Armenian and didn't even look that. I didn't speak Armenian and worse, I didn't eat meat. I flatly refused. Vic shot a look at Shane and then left without a word. Shane came over to me and tried to talk me into it a little more gently. Then, he made a MOVE on me. I had to be careful because if I was too harsh with him, he might kill me, right? So I sort of coyly brushed him off and told him I would think about it. He left and said he'd be back later…alone!
I panicked. What was I going to do? I couldn’t lock the doors because he'd bust rightin. I decided to go find Dennis [Jenn's husband] at work somewhere in LA. Then, as I was going back in the house, guess who I saw watching the whole thing from a backyard not more than a few houses away? Captain Aceveda!! What a nightmare. I was going to have a lot of explaining to do back at the station."

I'm sure this dream was better than the actual show I missed. Still, I'm making sure that Tivo records the next episode. (and go Lake Show, don't effin' break my heart!)

1967, the year of Perry Mason

1967, the year of Perry Mason