Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

The thing that should not be

Some films I tried to see at Sundance this year but didn't get in, but it doesn't matter, because they got picked up:
Imelda, Napoleon Dynamite, BAADASSSSSSS, Garden State, Control Room.

Film I did see (the premier even, with the bands' super hot wives in attendance along with the filmmakers, The Dude, some extremely dedicated and long-haired fans, the "Doctor", etc.) and I think got picked up, but is not around: the funny, funny, funny Metallica group therapy movie. Why isn't it at a theatre near you, because you must see it.

Watching Lars, James and Kirk hash it out with a "personal best coach" who likes to wear Bill Cosby sweaters and is aptly named Dr. Phil is extremely entertaining (and biza

Dreaming in color

D.O.G.'s get lonely 2