Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

G is for: "graphic design"

as in: Greg Storey stirs stuff up when he recreates a White House document using his skills with graphic design.

I'm a few days behind on the papers, so I just read Tuesday's story in WSJ titled: "Designing a Better Presidential Daily Brief."

A webdesigner decided the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) had a terrible lack of styleand redesigned it. He published the updated document on his website: It did not go unnoticed.

The point: does design matter? Could the threat of terror have been addressed earlier if the PDB was easier on the eyes (in particular, G.W. Bush's)? Remember the arguments from Boeing about how boring Power Point presentations had aided in the crash of the shuttle?

Or do cute typefaces and pop design diminish the value or even hide the content of documents?

G is for: Greg Storey rocks.

Not to hammer on the subject, but...

Viva la Woman!