Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Bye, bye Bob

It is very strange to be listening to NPR this morning and not hear the robust, comforting voice of Bob Edwards.

I miss him!

Thankfully, my mother is an avid NPR listener and I was introduced to Bob Edward's voice early. His  steady way of telling the news was part of what inspired meto persue journalism when I was in high school. As a freshmen I signed up to work on the school newspaper and yearbook. As a sophomore, I got a job at the local newspaper doing paste-up and typesetting. As a senior I became the editor of my high school paper. Morning Edition played each morning as I got ready for school.

A huge thrill of my senior year was to have breakfast with Bob Edwards. At that time my mother was working for a public radio station and he was making a tour of stations around the country. She arranged for me to take the day off school and sit next to him at breakfast fundraiser for the radio station. I was star struck! I was surprised by what tall, imposing man he was and yet kind and supportive of a teenager eager to get some reporting tips.

And that voice.

I associate many of the most significant news events of my life with the sound of that deep, even speech

Your future is clear, uh, blurry

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